On Non-Freight Items
No Sales TAX
Except in Connecticut

Shipping, Delivery and Damages


Free Shipping

Our free shipping offer, when applicable, is valid only to shipments made within the 48 continental U.S. states via regular/standard delivery on most non-freight items.


Out of Stock Items

While we make every effort to make sure that all listed products are in stock, occasionally certain items may be out of stock. If you placed an order and the product is out of stock, we will send you an email update as quickly as possible. It will then be up to you to decide to proceed and keep the order in place or cancel it. To check on status of the product’s availability prior to placing the order, please contact us by e-mail or through our “Contact Us” page.


Shipping methods do vary between different products and are generally related to the weight, dimensions, packaging requirements and so on, but usually fall under two main categories: Standard Shipping and Freight Shipping, where the Standard Shipping is for smaller, lighter items and the Freight Shipping is for larger, heavier products.


Standard Shipping

Currently we offer free standard shipping on most of our products.
Large, oversized, heavy or Freight items (see below) may be excluded from the free shipping.
Our free shipping offer, when applicable, is valid only on shipments made within the 48 continental U.S. states via regular/standard delivery.
Standard shipping is done via all major ground carriers, including FedEx, UPS, United States Postal Service (USPS), and FedEx SmartPost (which uses the U.S Postal Service for final delivery of the package).
Standard shipping is for items that are within the weight and/or dimensions that are accepted by the above carriers for deliveries.
Anything heavier or larger, that cannot be delivered via Standard Delivery, becomes a Freight Item (see below) and is shipped accordingly.


Freight Shipping

Freight Shipping/Truck Shipping are for products that are too large or too heavy for the regular ground carrier to deliver it to you. Such major ground carriers, like UPS, FedEx or USPS do have size and weight restrictions for deliveries made to residential addresses. If the product is heavier and/or larger to be delivered to an address, than a Truck Service, which is better equipped to handle larger or heavier items is used to handle such deliveries. They do cost a bit more, and usually the price is determined by contacting us to get a delivery quote and a timeframe. Furthermore, if the item is very heavy, too large, crated or otherwise requires a special handling, then such items are first shipped to a local receiver, which is a facility/warehouse/terminal that is equipped to receive and handle such items. Usually it is a facility with a loading/unloading dock to accommodate a larger truck trailers. You can select your own local receiver company or ask us to recommend one. After the item is received by such a receiver, it is inspected and then is prepared to be delivered to a customer. It may involve uncrating, assembling, cleaning or wrapping the items. At this point arrangements are made with the customer regarding delivery details. Some receivers may allow for you to pick up your item from them personally. Otherwise, the item is loaded into a smaller truck, that can do residential deliveries, and it will be delivered to a customer by a crew of the receiving company. Of course the customer is contacted first to coordinate a convenient timeframe for the delivery. Although this process may seem complicated and even intimidating, this is done very often as a standard method for in-house deliveries. Many aspects of this are handled over the phone or by email and we are here to help you with all of the details, questions and any support that you may need, so your purchase arrives to you without any hassle. We deal with this facet of the business on a daily bases and are committed to make this part of the process as easy and comfortable for you as possible.

Please Note that before you make a purchase, especially a larger, oversized item, a certain action is required on your part. You have to pre-measure and make sure that the product that you purchase, specifically its dimensions, can fit through any entryways, stairways, elevators, landings, turns, walkways and doorways or any other path that leads to the place where you want the item to be placed. No one has access to your abode like you do to determine this part of the delivery. This is one of the most common and avoidable problems in deliveries. Have questions? We’ll help you. Our “Contact Us” page has an easy contact form.


Overnight, 2nd Day, 3rd Day, Express Delivery or other type of deliveries.

We are happy to accommodate you in getting your product delivered to you exactly how you want and how fast you want. If such services are available for your order, we will orchestrate it for you. Please contact us so we can get a quote for your approval. The easiest way to reach us is to use our form on “Contact Us” page.

Please note that extra charges may apply to remote areas and for complicated deliveries.
Not all things are under our control and under certain scenarios we cannot be responsible for shipping delays caused by the product manufacturer or delivery carriers. For more details or to get a shipping/delivery quote, please contact us by e-mail or through our “Contact Us” page.
Shipping and processing charges and timeframe for all items is based on the item size, weight, delivery destination, deliver methods and other factors. We will do our best to provide you with accurate shipping and delivery information on all our products, but these are estimates only. Shipping and delivery estimates, while usually pretty accurate, are not guaranteed.
At this time, we are not able to ship to P.O. Box locations or military APO/FPO addresses.


International Orders

For shipment to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or other International locations, please contact us by e-mail or through our “Contact Us” page to get more details and quotes.
Shipping charges for deliveries outside of the continental U.S. will be quoted via email per your request. Please note that our free shipping offers apply only to shipments made to the 48 continental US states.

Please note that electrical products and bulbs sold thru are designed for use on the North American 110-volt system only. Items with cords and plugs use Type A or Type B North American plugs.


Sales Tax

Applicable sales tax will be added to your order for shipments to addresses in the state of Connecticut, or where required by the law, except for qualified accounts with resale exemptions.


Cancellations and Changes

If for any reason you decide to cancel the order you have placed, change the item/s, quantities or make other changes to the order, please contact us as soon as possible by email or our toll free number. There is no fee to cancel or change the order as long as the item has not shipped or went into production. Usually there is small window of time during which the order is still in the processing stage and has not left the warehouse, or the assembly/production has not started. During this time such changes are easy to implement. And we will be more than happy to do this for you.
Certain items ship within 2 to 3 business days, with some items shipping on the same day of your order, so we need to know as quickly as possible that you wish to change or cancel your order. Contact us by e-mail or through our “Contact Us” page.

Please note that cancellations and changes to the order are not guaranteed until you receive an email confirming such cancellation or a change.


In-House Delivery

If you want your order to be delivered in-house and placed in a room/location of your choice, it is usually done by a local receiver/delivery company who will receive your initial shipment. We can recommend such a local receiver/delivery company or you can easily select one yourself based on your own likes and requirements. Such a company, in most cases, will open and inspect your shipment to make sure that there are no damages or issues. Then it is time to coordinate a convenient time for you to receive the in-home delivery of your items. If assembly is required, it will be preassembled or done while at your location.
Unless agreed in advance with the delivery company, typically the service does not include the moving or removal of any existing furniture, set-up or re-installation of any existing electrical equipment or home electronics, electrical wiring or plumbing.  Please make sure that your area is cleared before delivery personnel arrive.

It is essential to pre-measure the space where your item is to be placed to make sure it will fit. Also, please pre-measure entryways, doors, stairways and walkways to ensure that pieces will fit into your home trouble-free, from the outside and all the way to its designated place. If you have any questions, please call us or consult with the chosen delivery company. They do this on a daily basis.

Please note that these are general guidelines and accepted practices in the industry, but terms can differ from one delivery company to another. So the actual details will be known only when a specific delivery company is chosen and contacted. Also in the event that an item cannot be delivered to you due to an inability to fit it into your designated space, or you not being present for the scheduled delivery, charges may apply for the initial attempt and redelivery, and the item may become non-returnable.
Just like anything we purchase, there is a part of due diligence on our part to eliminate possible problems when they are preventable. So the measuring tape is our best friend here.
Still want more details? Contact us by e-mail or through our “Contact Us” page.


Receiving Delivery

All items are shipped to you in the best possible packaging to ensure that you receive your purchase in perfect condition. Despite all these efforts, sometimes breakage does occur. It is just part of the logistics. Upon receipt and before the delivery person leaves, please inspect your package closely.
If you receive a damaged item, we will assist you in receiving a replacement or refund as quickly as possible - at no cost to you, but please follow the instructions below. Some packages delivered via FedEx, UPS, or USPS may require a signature for the delivery.
Please note that if you cannot be reached to accept the delivery, most common carriers have a limit on how many times they will attempt to redeliver. After that limit has been reached, the entire shipment will be returned back to the manufacturer, and you may be responsible for the shipping charges.


Damaged Merchandise

If there is minor damage to the packaging, such as a puncture, tear, crushed corner, crumpled area, signs of water damage or anything similar, please indicate as such in writing when you sign for the shipment. You can write “Packaging Damaged” on the Receipt of the delivery or any paper that you are asked to sign. After opening of the package, if the item is intact and there is no damage to it, then the packaging served its purpose and you are all set.

In the unlikely event that you find your product to be damaged upon opening the package, while outer packaging did or did not have any signs of damage, this is a case of a concealed damage and the following steps need to be followed. Please notify us right away by e-mail or through our “Contact Us” page. Keep all the packaging materials. Some carriers have a 48-hour window to report the damages after it was delivered, so the sooner we get the news from you, the better are the chances for the expedited and prompt resolution.
Important: Please supply us with the proof of damage or defect with photographs of the package and/or product. Good photos are invaluable in resolving the issue quickly, effectively and at no cost to you.
It is very helpful to have several photos taken of the area of damage, from different angles, under good lighting conditions. A good practice is to have a first photo taken of the overall package or product and progressively get closer to a damaged area with a few more photos. Photos must be clear, in-focus, and well-lit. So, please review them before attaching and emailing them to us, since blurry images or shortage of images will only delay the process of remedying the situation. Please keep all the packaging materials that came with the damaged product till we inform you what to do with it. It may be necessary to use it for the return of the product or to show it to the carrier’s inspector as a proof.

Should you observe significant damage to the outer packaging upon delivery, such as it looks like as if it was dropped from the plane (no parachute), you can reject the severely damaged package and have the carrier return it. Please take a photograph and indicate “Severe Damage, Rejected” on the Receipt or the paper you are to sign.

Please Note that Freight Items that were delivered from the local receiver, blanket wrapped or out of the original packaging need to be inspected thoroughly and before the delivery crew leaves. Any scratched, dented, chipped, cracked or otherwise damaged area need to be shown to the delivery crew and noted on the delivery receipt or any other paper you are to sign. Photos are essential and a use of good lighting or a flashlight is highly recommended during the inspection.


Defects or Missing Parts

Although very infrequent, some finish or material defects may occasionally slip through the quality control of the manufacturer, but worry not, we warranty all products sold for 30 days, and most manufacturers have an even longer, 1-year warranty. Whichever is the case, just notify us promptly and we will immediately take charge of the process to get your missing part or unit replaced at no cost to you. Off course in order for these warranties to be effective, the discovery of the missing part or a defect must happen as soon as you received your product, and if it is obvious.  If the problem is not obvious and couldn’t have been reasonably discovered with a proper inspection, then such parts or entire unit generally are replaced even at the later date within the warranty period. Examples of such non-obvious defects may include: a lamp switch that stopped operating, a paint or a finish that peeled away or similar events that were not present at the time of the delivery. Customarily such issues warrant a no-cost replacement of a defective part or the entire unit or a refund. Normal wear and tear or abnormal and non-intended use of the product are not covered by the warranty.
Once again, photos tell the story better than words, so please follow the guideline above in the “Damaged Merchandise” Section on how to take effective photos. Please retain all the packaging materials. It may be necessary to use it to send the product back to the factory if such is required by the manufacturer. Each manufacturer has its own protocol on parts replacement. If doing so is not feasible, then the entire unit is often replaced or a refund is offered. Please contact us by e-mail or through our “Contact Us” page to get the process started.


Order Status Updates and Tracking

We will try to keep you well informed about your Order and Shipping Status and provide you with the tracking number as soon it is available to us. If and when this information is not available through our website or email notifications, we may be able to get that info directly from the shipper or delivery company, if it is available.
Once you obtain the Tracking Number for your order, you can get all the details via the carrier's shipping tracking system. Your shipping confirmation email will contain a shipping tracking number for your use. it may take up to twenty-four hours from the time an item is shipped to the time the information is available for viewing on the carrier's website. Some systems can take up to 48 hours to show the status. Weekends and Holidays add an additional delay for these updates.
Just like you are, we are eagerly waiting for your purchase to arrive to you trouble-free and serve you well for many years. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are in this together.

Please Note that we will not be liable for any installation, reinstallation charges or any additional charges or fees that may arise from delays associated with deliveries or the process of replacing damaged or incomplete or incorrectly shipped merchandise or parts.

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