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Yes! It exists!

We are expanding our line of available products that are made in Good ole USA. In case you are wondering, there is a large industry in our country that manufactures a lot of quality furnishings. And it’s not a surprise, since they have produced American-made on a commercial scale since the 19th century.
Most of the companies and factories are located in North Carolina, and it is here at High Point where one of the largest in the world home furnishings industry trade show is held.
Furniture of excellent quality are created in America and sold throughout the world on a daily basis. Hundreds of big and small makers of home goods and accessories are located here in the States.

By committing to purchase products from these companies, we are giving the much needed support and show our stance in keeping the American jobs here at home.

Many of these companies make products per order, or the final assembly of the product is completed after the order is submitted.
This doesn’t mean a pricier product, but rather a different approach to getting what you want. Plus, you will have the U.S. based customer service and support, should you need it. 

On our part, Mostly Décor will provide you with guidance on product selection and all of the choices that are available to you. Determining what you need is not that difficult, we’ve been doing this professionally for over two decades. Helping our customers make correct choices is what we do. We know the lines and the products these companies create. Our own customer service team is here in the U.S.A. as well and many of the companies that know us on a personal level. All this is a valuable asset to have behind your purchase.

Meet Leathercraft

LeatherCraft Sofa

Leathercraft Craftsmanship

Appearance, comfort and performance

For over 40 years, Leathercraft has manufactured the finest leather seating available. Located in the highlands of Western North Carolina, an area with the greatest concentration of skilled craftspeople in the country, these skilled people are the backbone of Leathercraft’s enduring quality.


We will continue to add more offerings from U.S. manufacturers
and support our industry.