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Vahagn Petrossian

Hello, my name is Vahagn Petrossian, I am the founder and the owner of “Mostly Décor”, an e-commerce website that is themed around fun and beautiful things for your home.
My story and the story of this website is a long journey from my birthplace in Armenia, but somewhat a classic tale of an American dream.
My mom was a teacher and my dad, a professional artist. I spent most of my time in art studios, around artists, sculptors and other minds of the creative kind.
I literally grew up surrounded by pencils, paintbrushes, canvas and paint. Color was a part of my daily nourishment. I was lucky to have this environment, a fertile ground for my imagination.
Free to pursue any path in life, I followed the footsteps of my father and became schooled as an artist and a graphic designer.
Without fully understanding, a new DNA was becoming a part of mine,  a need for color, beauty and creativity befell to become an embedded part of me.
Life has its twists and turns, then, having to leave all behind, we came to America, a new chapter in my life, a new world.
From basements of New York City to where I am now in Connecticut, I spent quite a bit of time immersed in the different processes of receiving, delivering and installing home furnishings, then repairing and understanding how it is constructed, finished, and why it gets damaged. Now I was surrounded with fabrics, wallpaper, rugs and light fixtures, and always my favorite – colors.
There are many nuances, angles and tricks in this industry of producing and composing home elements, designing and decorating a space.
This is a special and a different kind of schooling I received, a course not obtainable for a fee, it is in the practice and valuable snippets of knowledge, a know-how that has been collected from years of doing this.
Soon after, from ordinary households to the compounds of the rich and famous, I’ve worked side by side with talented designers and craftsmen, watched and absorbed, tried and learned, then after two decades of providing products and services, established an indispensable network with the manufacturers, companies and interior design professionals. And now it somehow grew into a need for something bigger, more purposeful, more impactful.
It felt natural to combine all of these magical elements that were collected for so long into one singular project, this online endeavor. So in the Spring of 2016, my new business was born and naturally all came to a focus, became a singular mission, to do this for others, share what I know and what I love, and share with many.
But the business has to have a needed purpose, to deliver value, not just products. Value has a diverse meaning for different people. In essence, it is not just how much money is saved in the acquiring of a product, but what value the product or service brings to the individual, what values and support it comes with.
The tale of this and the path that led us here is that we are not a regular online store, another me-too reseller of goods, but a business who builds its core with qualified professionals. The value that we bring to you is the collective expertise that our team members have.
We don’t have a sales department, it’s not allowed, just a customer service that is comprised of interior designers and professionals alike. We are not in the selling business, but rather in a customer satisfaction business, and that has very little to do with the selling part. It is the knowledge of the industry, the product lines, individual products themselves and most importantly, the ability to predict and navigate through ever-present obstacles.
We are not trying to peddle everything and to everyone. There are many sites with just that intent. And it’s not that difficult to buy something either, but to buy something correctly, now that’s a whole different ballgame. That’s why we urge you to get in touch with us, talk to us and use us for your creative projects, large or small. We are easy to converse with and will never offer you anything you don’t need or have asked for. It’s more like a free advice from your friend, who happened to be an interior designer. Just ask. That’s another value we offer for the taking.
It’s not that stimulating or gratifying in the sense of creativity just to sell something. It is missing a fundamental sense of enjoyment. At least for us.
Our website will continue to grow, evolve, adjust, improve and as if a live entity, will need nourishment, feedback and care, which makes you, the consumer, a part of our team as well.
So please come along with us, let’s create, combine, rearrange and experiment. Life is just too short not to try to enjoy all the prettiness and variety that can be fashioned. Shop around, explore our offerings. We can be your gateway in to creating something good, fun, needed, something special.
So who is behind this website after all? Well, it is a collection of people that enjoy the imaginative process and have a competence and a deep familiarity of this industry. I wouldn’t surround myself with anything less.
My team and I will strive to be a continuous part of this artistic process that make our lives and our world more beautiful and in a way, a more peaceful place.
We think of this as our effort of making our surroundings more refined, our contribution to all that is creative.

After all, we are what we create with things that we have or the things we envision.